By reaching out today you are taking a bold step towards the cultivation of new skills, increased awareness, well being and resilience.

As a contemplative-based, analytically oriented psychotherapist, my primary commitment is to provide an environment of compassionate listening, honest inquiry and exploration. The psychotherapy relationship is first brought to life  by establishing a "felt sense" of safety, staying curious to the present moment and working to develop a collaboration based on trust.

Our work together, whether it is in individual, couples or group therapy will empower you  to "un-do " defenses and unhealthy coping strategies and to learn new skillls and practices that increase self-regulation and compassion. By arriving at new understandings, you can discover how to live a fuller life.

While we can't change the past, we can work together to better understand and heal the wounds of unresolved trauma and bring more compassionate awareness to the challenges that emerge in the present. We can address long-standing behavior patterns, perceptions and internalized negative narratives that may be holding you back. If you're looking to cultivate new inner resources to help support and guide you through a challenging time or you find yourself ready to take a deeper dive into what is possible in your life, I look forward to meeting with you to to determine if I might be able to help you clarify and achieve your goals.

If you are looking to deepen your skills as a psychotherapist, or are and LPC intern or Candidate and need to be under clinical supervision, we will begin with the task of  "putting your own oxygen mask on first!" as a way to establish and maintain a practice of mindful awareness and compassionate action. My own clinical training has been informed by Psychobiology, Attachment Theory, Buddhist Practice, Somatic Awareness and the British Independent School of Object Relations. My best teachers have been the patients who demanded me to un-know,  my own analyst who held my psyche until I could do so for myself and my children who taught me how to love through the many storms  of differentiation. Yet, no matter how well trained we are,or how much experience we have , we must always continue to cultivate and maintain a fierce and tender understanding of compassion, humility and secular ethics if we are to truly serve our patients well.

As a seasoned clinician, I have learned that no matter the theoretical orientation,  the most important indicator for a successful therapy or clinical training is the relationship itself. The "felt sense" of connection serves as the foundation for the hard work of personal inquiry and growth. The best way to decide about choosing a therapist or clinical consultant is to notice the feeling of "fit" - the sense of connection and resonance.

Please call 512 694 1393 or email me to set up an initial session today to feel whether I might be a "good fit"  for you!


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